Don’t Delist – WI

Don’t Delist Wisconsin’s Wolves

Do not delist wolves
Photo: Richard Seeley / National Geographic Society / CORBIS

Dear Editor: Sound the alarm. Our wolves are in great danger!

Sen. Ron Johnson, is back to his old tricks of trying to delist our wolves from the Endangered Species Act. There was a stacked meeting in Spooner Aug. 16. The meeting was not publicized to the general public but only to hunters who want to make trophies of our wolves. Johnson himself did not attend. The aides explained that Johnson is rallying support to go after wolves by tacking on his legislation to that being passed by Sen. John Barrasso from Wyoming (Help for Wildlife Act # 1514) — to delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act!

State Sen. Adam Jarchow told everyone to basically hound Sen. Tammy Baldwin into co-authoring this sad legislation to delist the wolf from the Endangered Species Act. He said that they are building upon bipartisan support and that she is the linchpin. Now, who is hunting who?

Wolves are part of the environment but there are fewer than 1,000 wolves in Wisconsin. They keep the number of deer down, especially those sick with chronic wasting disease. Wolves are not a threat to humans. It is inhumane to think of a wolf mangled in a metal trap or other domestic dogs chasing wolves in a hunt.

We must raise our voices and save our wolves. Please, Sen. Baldwin, as well as other legislators, do not make trophies of our wolves! Find out the facts.

Ellen Holmes Lafans