Wolves Not Recovered

Wolf Numbers Haven’t ‘Recovered’ Enough to Allow Hunting

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Photo: MN DNR

SWN Note: Wolves should never be hunted. There is no reason any predator should ever be hunted. Trophy hunting satisfies the violent ego driven needs of special interest groups, not the majority of tax paying citizens .

Minnesota is the only state in the Lower 48 that has wolves that are direct descendants of the indigenous populations prior to the genocide of the 1800s. Due to the protections of the Endangered Species Act and the judicial review of the courts, wolves are beginning to occupy small land areas of what was their traditional range.

But wolves have not “recovered.” They have just increased their numbers. Wolves are not competing with hunters for deer. They target the weak and diseased deer and actually make herds healthier. There is now evidence that wolves can decrease the spread of chronic wasting disease. Ranchers and farmers can utilize non-lethal methods to discourage deprecation.

Recently, the Minnesota Legislature passed a bill that will provide assistance to those who need support in implementing these methods that are far less costly than tracking and killing wolfpacks and compensating livestock owners. There continues to be fear, however, of the “big, bad wolf” that viciously attacks human beings, when in actuality there have been only two cases reported in the last couple of decades.

SWN Note: There have been TWO reported deaths in the last 100 years and one of those is questionable.

Unfortunately, the Minnesota DNR wants once again to have a wolf-hunting season, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, catering to business interests, want to “manage” the wolf population to extinction.

To quote a well-known figure, “So sad.”

Karen Drews Munoz, Rochester