Kindergarten Wolves?

Wolves Aren’t Stalking Kindergartners — Paul Collins

Image may contain: textMonday’s letter to the editor “Wolves are a real problem up north” began with the same ridiculous falsehoods that most other anti-wolf people try to peddle — the old “wolves stalking kids at bus stops” fallacy.

I find it rather amusing how this is the go-to-story for pretty much every anti-wolf person in the state, yet they never provide evidence to back up these fantastic tales. You would think that with the prevalence of smartphones, the amount of video and photographic evidence of wolves “stalking” kids at bus stops would be overwhelming.

I guess not.

Maybe next time Wisconsin holds a wolf-killing season, the wolf killers should construct mock bus stops in the woods to lure wolves in so they can catch them in their traps or fight them with their hounds because bus stops are so irresistible to wolves?

Enough with the propaganda and falsehoods that anti-wolf people are peddling.

Paul Collins, Madison

Photo: Lupinity