Profanity Peak Pack

FEATURED FILM: “The Profanity Peak Pack: Set Up & Sold Out” ~ by Predator Defense

Our newest film is ruffling more than a few feathers. It reveals the surprising players and policies that set up an unjust and unnecessary wolf slaughter on pristine, public forest land in Washington State in 2016. What wildlife “managers” are refusing to learn is killing wolves INCREASES attacks on livestock, as they resumed the slaughter in 2017. So we must ask: Is there no place wolves can live in peace?

Washington State Must Stop Valuing Cows over Wolves!

Not only does science show that killing wolves increases attacks on cattle, but Washington experienced this phenomenon first-hand when they tried to stop wolves in the Profanity Peak Pack from killing a rancher’s cattle in pristine Colville National Forest in 2016. The more wolves they killed, the more cows were attacked, and they ended up destroying the pack. Tragically, they didn’t learn, and they resumed this slaughter in July 2017 by targeting the Smackout Pack for death.

To put their upside-down values in perspective, keep in mind that Washington has over a 1,000,000 cows and only around 120 wolves. And wolves increasingly appear to have no place to live in peace, not even pristine forested public land.

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