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CALL TO ACTION: Demand Senators Vote NO on S1514

S1514 (also known as the Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation for Wildlife Act) would remove wolves permanently from the Endangered Species Act, precluding judicial review. Further, the bill would prohibit the EPA from regulating lead in fishing gear to help fish and other wildlife. The bill would also harm migratory birds and allow 41 trophy hunters to kill polar bears in the Arctic, despite their threatened status.

It is no surprise that this bill is backed by some of the Senate’s most anti-wildlife members. Unfortunately, several Democrats have also supported the bill – either through co-sponsorship (Ben Cardin, Tammy Baldwin, Amy Klobuchar) or in committee (Tammy Duckworth, Tom Carper).

In exchange for these decidedly anti-environmental, anti-Democratic positions, the bill would also reauthorize several conservation wetlands programs –  “a procedural action by Congress that has no real-work impact of funding levels.” Green groups describe this legislation as “a disaster” for wildlife and the environment.

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Read full text of bill here.