White Lady

Yellowstone’s White Lady Illegally Killed

Aside from arctic wolves, which tend to range from a creamy white to a golden color during summer and white during the snow covered winters, white wolves are rare. Yellowstone National Park was proud to have had three white wolves in the park over the years, but only one out of the the 108 wolves counted in the park in December of 2016. 1National Park Service – Yellowstone This white wolf was known affectionately as the White Lady.

Yellowstone’s rare white wolf, an elderly alpha female who hikers found near death in April. A necropsy has determined she that she was shot illegally. Credit Neal Herbert/Yellowstone National Park

White Lady was one of the park’s wolves that was admired and followed by wildlife enthusiasts around the world. Hikers found her severely injured and suffering on a trail. Authorities were unable to save her life, so she was humanely euthanized to minimize her suffering.  A necropsy (autopsy on an animal other than man) determined that she’d been illegally shot and left to die, likely between 1 a.m. April 10 and 2 p.m. April 11. 2KTLA News It was also learned that she was carrying five pups that were only a couple of weeks from birth.

White lady was the alpha female of the Canyon Pack and had paired with the alpha male for nine years. She was 12 years old when killed by a poacher so cowardly that they ran from discovery, but somewhere this walking, talking substandard person is bragging to his or her friends about killing a wolf loved by hundreds of thousands of people. For those who might hear this person bragging, authorities have offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the poacher and conservation group Wolves of the Rockies have added another $5,000 to that reward. So – $10,000 for information about a person who is likely already known to be a sketchy character. Make the call now! 3$10,000 reward offered for Yellowstone white-wolf shooter

The poacher who destroyed White Lady put at risk the income earned by Yellowstone National Park from wolf-watchers – valued at $35 million per year! For those living around the park, your livelihoods are put at risk by poachers like this. 4Value of wolf-watching in Yellowstone Many millions of dollars are made by the restaurants, hotels, retailers, and wildlife guides within 60-80 miles of national parks. Protecting Yellowstone wolves is a Big Money Investment.