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For every statement available that insists that ‘trapping is humane’ there is a photo or video that proves otherwise! Who will we believe? – those motivated by greed to lie…or our own eyes?


Traps are indiscriminate; it’s impossible to avoid unintentional targets. American bald eagles…hikers on a trail…your much loved dog or cat…traps know no difference.







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death-by-trap Pet-Dog-Trapped-3-2015








 Do you have a dog? They are attracted to the same bait used for trapping wolves and coyotes.  Can you imagine finding your missing dog scrabbling

down the side of the road, trying to make it home to you after it has had to chew off both its back legs to escape a trap?

Picture this in your mind for a second. Are you ready to join the fight to ban traps?








Missing for 24 days!

Amputation - Trapped










Trapped - Tortured - Dying

Husky trapped Pet-Husky-Crushed-Eyes-Trapped


January 22, 2015

Alaska woman frees American bald eagle from trap – cited for trap tampering

Hiker who freed trapped eagle faced charges


Juneau resident, Kathleen Adair, faced charges for tampering with traps when she freed an American bald eagle from multiple traps!  Knowing it would be dark soon and she was two miles from the road, Kathleen spent an hour freeing the eagle.  She knew if it was left for another night, it would die and said, “…one of the legs was just dangling, just completely broken…”


As soon as she had signal on her cell phone, she called the local Raptor Center; the eagle was taken immediately to a vet in Juneau where it was later euthanized.